Oct 12, 2020 - Holiday Update and beyond!

Thank you all for your continuous support and heartfelt encouragement during these extraordinary circumstances, we've been busier than ever and can't overstate our appreciation! Many of you know our focus has steadily shifted over the last few years to photographing and listing items on our site as the warehouses became dedicated towards restorations, storage and deliveries. This strategy has has allowed us to focus on serving our steadily growing customer base while working through a backlog of projects and continuous workload. I genuinely enjoy meeting and chatting with you all in person and hope to eventually schedule visitations, however we're not expecting it to happen anytime soon. We still allow local pickups of items purchased, and a brief look around is usually possible while you're here.

This time of year is overwhelmingly busy for us, so please keep that in mind if you reach out about some items. I'm pretty good with getting back to people in email quickly, however I'm human (no automated messages here!) and do miss them occasionally, so please remind me if you haven't heard back in a day or so. I typically wait until Monday morning to do the weekend emails, and do a scheduled warehouse run on Wed or Thursday each week if people need additional information, photos, etc.

Stay safe, and have a wonderful upcoming holiday season!