Used Church Items, Pittsburgh, PA

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Where are you Located?
A. 20 miles South of the Pittsburgh International Airport or 20 miles South of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Q. How do I get to you?
A. Click Here for our location on Google Maps

Q. Do you buy religious articles?
A. Yes, just call our number or snap a few pictures and email them to us. We purchase singular items as well as a complete church including pews, windows, bells, etc. All purchases are strictly confidential. You choose the method of payment.

Q. Is this your current inventory on your web page?
A. No, we can’t keep up with new and deleted arrivals. The web page is only to show a sampling of an ever changing inventory. However, some items on the web pages are still in stock.

Q. I saw your items listed by another religious dealer. Who do these items belong to?
A. This is only a small portion of our inventory. Other dealers take pictures of our items and try to resell the items by pictures.

Q. Do the pictures show all your inventory?
A. No, this is only a small portion. We have thousands of items, big and small.

Q. Are your items restored?
A. No, most items are in their very nice original condition. Many were gold plated. Some items may need restored, prices reflect condition. We can provide gold plating contacts, polishing and repairs on statuary.

Q. Why are there few prices on your pictures?
A. Inventory changes quickly. The web page is only to show you a partial listing of inventory.

Q. Should we visit?
A. If you are serious about purchasing religious items for your church, most certainly. An airplane trip could save you thousands of dollars by buying direct, no middleman, and you get to see most of the inventory.

Q. Where do these items come from?
A. This is a 50 year collection and continuing. These items came from closed churches, monasteries, convents, and importing from Europe.

Q. Do you accept trades?
A. Yes, we are always looking for more old items, and can trade your items in on our items.

Q. What type of payment do you accept?
A. Checks, Money Orders, and Cash. We can accept Paypal and Credit Card as well.