May 15, 2019 - Almost too busy to update these tidings... almost!

The enthusiastic response from our Catholic community has been overwhelming and exhilarating; weeks are flying by with projects, appointments, shipments, and emails overflowing, and can't thank you enough! We're elated to help so many parishes find special items to put back in service, to be appropriated and appreciated again by clergy and parishioners.

Many of these beautiful items were made at a time when Churches and Diocese would obtain the most skilled craftsmen to build within the church itself, no expenses spared, quality and beauty top priority, all for the Glory of God. Unfortunately much has been destroyed over the years of changes, and some of the most incredible works were impossible to save due to the nature of how they were built. Great marble altars were often built right into the foundation, murals and paintings direct to walls,  plaster or wood carved statues designed for the exact height of niches. Even wood trim, doors, adornments, etc... all envisioned and created on-site.

However those marble or plaster altars sunk into the foundation, don't come out without breaking apart. The artworks now found hidden underneath layers of plaster or wall paper, but ruined. Closed churches weren't maintained and statues disintegrated, wood rotted. Fortunately however he was able to save a relatively small portion of these historical items, which once dominated our church interior landscapes. My father rescued what he was capable of for the last 50 years, and our warehouses are the culmination of his past and continuous efforts. And while we often feel there's not enough hours in the day, there's always plenty of joy from the work, and gratitude to and from those working with us.