April 15, 2018 - A near future of many photos....

Laying out our plans for the spring and summer! I’ll have my wife, son, daughter and father to help me often with many projects, so we’re aiming high on the “goals”! And before they head back to school in the Fall, we have many boxes untouched and unopened in storage that we’re going to open and see what we discover! This will be one of the last things we do, as its what my children are most looking forward to and will be a “reward” for all they’ve accomplished. Ok, on to the list!





  • Finish photographing and posting Chalice and Ciboria photos, this is a significant undertaking as we have upwards of 300 additional pieces still to work through.
  • Redesign the chalice area on our website so the photos are organized by price. This will be experimental and may change, however should help seminarians find possibilities quickly within their budget.
  • Update all tabernacle photos to include a photo of the inside. (We often get requests for inside photos)
  • Update to include all Kneeler photos. (Many sat for years untouched, polishing here we come!)
  • Update to most Votive Stand photos.
  • Update to all Lectern photos. (A polishing task for orange oil!)
  • Update to all Oil Painting photos.
  • Photograph a larger selection of the following items: Altar cards, Chasubles, Copes, Hand-Done Lace, Bells, Altar Crucifix, Candelabra, Floor Sanctuary stands, Candlesticks. Plus add more smaller items like Cruets, Intinction sets, Blessing Crosses, Art Prints, Host Boxes, etc.
  • Move a couple altars to our larger warehouse, so we can attach the Reredos and photo and list them.

And again I extend my deepest gratitude for all the positive emails and thoughtful conversations we've had -- your appreciation, praise, and support for our mission, as both customer and fellowship, is encouraging beyond words.