August 21, 2017 - Summer. Facebook. Privacy. Busy!

This summer was so busy it blew by! We had a record amount of appointments and were able to get lots of physical organizing done, but not near as many photo projects as hoped. We're going to be taking a lot of photos and sizing the next couple months while the weather is still good.


People have asked us why we're not on Facebook, Twitter, or other social media platforms and external retail sites. It's a good question so I'll address it, We're a very private small company who deal with incredible church items that are impossible to find. While our clients are primarily seminarians, priests and bishops, we also get high profile individuals and companies who need our items for many reasons including renovations, home chapels, rentals for weddings, documentaries, etc.


This doesn't mean we're not being seen. We average around 7500 unique visitors each month browsing our site, with over 50,000 hits per day. The exposure we receive is incredible yet humbling, we're riding the waves and enjoying every minute serving.