Sept 4, 2016 - An altar restored, a story told.

In the summer we had an amazing lady come out to visit with a unique story. We learned her husband is a pediatric doctor, and they decided to create a chapel inside their practice for solace and prayer. They put their hearts, faith, and life-savings into this project so the children, along with their families and friends could lean on each other and pray beside each other in times of need.  Having a kids of my own, I know the parents of children who need critical care can't be thankful enough.

It's a project like this I found truly inspiring and something I'll never forget. We're always glad to help churches, diocese, priests, etc, however this felt far more personal and I'm honored I was able to help.


They recently finished the altar, it was one we had that needed restoring:


And while they were having it restored, discovered it was originally Gold Leaf!

So they kept it as original as possible during restoration, and this is the result:

Absolutely fantastic! Thanks Kristen and Allen, I pray you, the children, and their parents find comfort here.