Aug 6, 2016

Please pass our Catholic Company "Used Church Items" on.

We are almost entirely word of mouth and rely on you to reach the community we serve. It's extremely difficult to find these old traditional items we've collected, yet when they are needed, we have them.

Come back often!

Our inventory always changes, please keep in mind that what is shown on our website is a fraction of what's on-hand in our warehouse. If you are serious about finding these types of vintage traditional items for a new or existing church, you'll want to visit. Not only will you enjoy yourself, you'll save a time and money!

Thank you for all your suggestions and comments.

It helped tremendously. We've kept the site simple to use for both desktop and mobile. It's now easier than ever to show / share items to others who may be interested in seeing our unique inventory. The major parts of our site is finished, and we're focusing on getting items in our warehouse photographed and put on our site. I'll use this news / blog to highlight some, but the majority will simply be added to the associated gallery.