Aug 1 2016

We've built a new company website. We focused on streamlined visual, as 90% of our day to day is sending / receiving photos of catholic supply we buy and sell. This will allow us far greater useful interaction to you, our clerical clients!

Here's some highlights of how our site is built and how we can better serve you:

+ All categories of items (Monstrances, Chalices, Reliquaries, etc) will have either  few  some  many or most  underlined, so at a glance you can determine how much of our stock in a given category is shown in the gallery.

+ The delivery options are given. Some (like Pulpits, Altars, Baptismals, etc) can only be freighted, others more suitable for traditional USPS / FedEx. If many items are looking to be purchased, assume the best option is combined freight.

+ Not every photo will have a price or size as we''ll be adding photos on the fly, but we can provide both.

+ Right click ANY image in the galleries and choose "View Image" to have a direct link pop up in your URL up top. This link you can then copy/paste to us for pricing, or others for viewing. You can also choose "Email Image".